More Reopening News

Our program spaces have been modified with the addition of partitions to create a safe transparent barriers for our Individuals to be able to participate in the group Day Programs at our Woodlawn and Yonkers sites. All the tables , Chairs and partitions are sanitized every two hours and this sanitizing is recorded in a safety log by the staff who performs the process. Everything is then sanitized by a private cleaning company every night . OPWDD is-sued guidance as to a strict limit to how many individuals and staff we are allowed to have present in each program space as well as how many people we can transport at any given time . The maximum is roughly half the usual capacity that we had pre Covid-19.

How to wear a Face Mask Properly

Staff and the People we serve demonstrate how to properly wear their face masks. It is important to make sure that the face mask covers your mouth and your nose as both of these are ways that the virus can spread when you either cough or sneeze . Wearing a mask is a good way to show that you respect other people and want to be safe your-self. Wearing a mask is one of the most important things we can do . Other things are washing our hands , making sure we stay 6ft away from others and sanitizing things after we use them . Together we can all stay healthy and safe.

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