Who We Are
Our Mission

"Continuing to empower intellectually & developmentally disabled adults with opportunities for Independence by providing exceptional community based person centered programs, through dedicated staff and responsible measurable Governance"

Core Values


Daybreak Independent Services is committed to empowering its staff members so that they can reach their maximum potential and as a result provide quality work. This is why we continue to provide staff development opportunities in various mediums.


Daybreak employees take ownership of their actions and fulfill their duties with honesty and integrity. Our strong quality standards aim to set the bar for superior service and support to the people with serve.


We at Daybreak take pride in our diversity and recognize the unique contribution each team member brings to the organization.


Our teammates are dedicated in their efforts to helping both those we support and fellow employees achieve their own success. We remain committed to fostering a supportive team and developing a stronger sense of dedication.


We understand, We connect, We commit. Daybreak fosters a culture of compassion at the workplace to both the individuals we support & our employees. We believe that the best service can only be provided through understanding.

Our History

"I was thinking how to close the gap from training habilitation skills and real life experience. My vision was to create a program that offers a way to gain skills and confidence while incorporating a real-world work place. “

                                                                    - Vilas Loban, President& CEO

In 2010, Daybreak Independent Services opened its doors for individuals with developmental disabilities to learn and apply their skills in a laundromat work setting. Since then Daybreak has expanded its mission to multiple locations adding both people and additional services. Serving hundreds of New Yorkers living with developmental disabilities.

Partnerships with local businesses like Stew Leonard, TJ Maxx and Marshalls has allowed the vision to grow exponentially.  Taking on residential programs has allowed us to serve those that need round the clock supervision.

This is only the beginning. As we changes lives everyday we ourselves are changed in the process. The work continues and we look forward to what lies ahead.

Who Do We Serve?

We serve New York State Residents and Department of Education graduates who are diagnosed with Developmental Disabilities.

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