Empowering lives through accountable services
Person focused programs allows us to target and achieve specific goals, which in turn fosters independence and better quality of life for adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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Why Daybreak?

We go the extra distance for those we support.

Volunteer Work Sites

Since its inception Daybreak has always strived to provide impactful and significant opportunities to integrate young adults into their communities. Locations in the community such as TJ Maxx, Stew Leonard’s, Jazzercise, Jacobi Hospital, and Yonkers Tai Chi give our young adults the opportunity to integrate into the community by working inside of it. Providing work experience has even led to some of our young adults receiving permanent placements at various jobs. Daybreak is also currently developing a Supportive Employment program to allow our young adults the best opportunities to grow.


A main factor that keeps our agency ahead of the curve is that Daybreak has its own vans that remain onsite. This means that not only is Daybreak capable of taking the responsibility of pickups and dropoffs, but in an emergency Daybreak vans are always available for usage. Van staff keep the vans clean and all staff ensure that all van rides are safe and another location  where lessons can be learned.

Clinical Services

Daybreak administrators meet with care managers regularly to maintain and update the SAP that dictate the direction of an individuals care. Daybreak’s QIDP department communicates Lifeplan information to our DSP staff so that they can implement the proper teachings and lessons in a young adult’s daily activities.

Person Centered Planning

All staff at Daybreak look at an individual's life plan as their input into the direction of their own care. We understand that every person has their own goals that they set for themselves and Daybreak will always support and motivate all who come under the agency umbrella. DSP staff motivate our clients to be their own advocates and teach them the proper social skills to achieve being able to speak for oneself. Daybreak staff do their best to make sure each person is in charge of the direction they would like to go in their lives and joins them on that journey to reaching success.

Behavior Support Team

On-site behavior specialists give our DSPs and the young adults amazing support by identifying any unplanned needs and helping prepare our staff to properly support each young adult in their specific needs. Our BIS coordinator is constantly training staff as needs arise to ensure the services daybreak delivers are as person centered and specific to each young adult as possible.

Full Calendar of Activities

Daybreak’s administrative staff meets on a monthly basis to come up with different activities to be done during the month. This can range from grand spectacles such as our Annual Holiday Show and Poetry Slam our more tempered ones such as a trip to the aquarium or a pajama day. Daybreak encourages all staff to voice their ideas and opinions to enhance the agency's ability to deliver care and diversify the methods in which it is delivered.
“To anyone looking for a special place to send their child with special needs, Daybreak is the place you would want he or she to attend.”

Ms. Sheila T Lowe


About Daybreak

For almost a decade, Daybreak has developed and provided an integrated comprehensive system of services for young adults diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We are mission driven and our values are critical in the work we do. We are touching lives each and everyday.

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Daybreak is Animated

We pushed the boundaries when we introduced stop motion animation lessons at Daybreak. The response has been amazing.

Check out clips created by some amazing imaginations
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Careers at Daybreak

If you are looking for a place where you can truly make a difference and live your passion every day, we are always looking for bright and talented people to join our diverse team.

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