Perfect Poetry Slam

Author – Tatiana Spence

For the first time in Daybreak history; A long and highly anticipated Poetry slam took place at the end of May, closing out the month with a bang! Many people who receive services stunned the audience with their voice, words, and presence. Each person came up reading their poem with courage and also showing our community that we are here and capable of anything. I found myself taken in awe by the event which showcased writing from all over our Woodlawn location. This was a particularly special moment bringing our program together.

This day was beyond breathtaking. From the tambourine girl group, which consisted of Veronica V., Selena W, Ruth M., and Mary D., who did a rehearsed routine with the tambourines, to the spoken poets using gestures and charismatic voice tones, and finally to the visual and fine arts performance with Cara W and staff. Last but not least the certification ceremony where our performers were rewarded with certificates commending them on becoming official poets, and the award ceremony for finding the courage to present a piece of your puzzle.

This spoken poetry slam was the first of its kind hosted by staff. Staff and their groups succeeded at incorporating and integrating personalities portrayed through their poems. We saw different people use cartoon-like voices, sass, gestures, and others courageously making their way down the red carpet; to let their voices be heard. On May 31st, 2019, many of us discovered there was much untapped potential hidden and released on this very day.

Overall it was a sight to see, the program coming together as a community; and performing as one body. Everyone applauded one another and cheered each other on as they accepted their trophies, medals, and certificates; making them official poets. Let us continue to see what the staff have in store at Daybreak this summer!

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