Putting The ‘Fun’ in Fundraising

March 21, 2019

Author – Antonio Lockhart

The Daybreak fundraising team has been making great strides in highlighting the importance of recycling. Recycling leader Lillian Lewis has been with the agency for over three years and in her time she found that in the typical Daybreak day the agency goes through a significant amount of plastic and reusable materials. Lillian began to collect and store the bottles we were putting into the trash and taking them to receive cash refunds on recycling. Shortly after beginning to recycle Lillian quickly involved the people she works with in the act by both teaching them the importance of recycling and teaching them to recycle the reusable items they had. Some of the people we serve even go as far as bringing bottles they use outside of program to Lillian with the goal of saving the planet in mind. When asked what brought about the interest to take recycling to the next level Lillian responded with “I just thought saving the planet should make a difference especially at work.” The recycling program has made a great impact in our fundraising efforts. Lillian teaches a valuable lesson, “a little bottle goes a long way.”

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