Anticipation Of Animation

Author – Kenisha Ferguson DSP

Here at daybreak independence services, we offer lots of crafts and activities for the people we serve. They enjoy learning new things to reach higher goals and also different ways to express themselves.  We enjoy activities like writing in journals, music, dancing, and especially art. We’ve all had the advantage of learning a new form of art through an Animation and Digital Media Instructor by the name of Bismark Fernandes. When asked how those we serve have responded to the lessons Bismark stated, “Animation can be a bit technical and repetitive at times, which can be a bit overwhelming for those we provide services to so I try to simplify the process, by introducing fun exercises and assignments”.

Everyone has a different and unique story and through animation, the people we support are able to have a platform to express their ideas and stories in a visual form which mimics cartoons we have all seen before. Bismark’s aim was to teach the animation medium by working with different groups on various exercises and assignments, in order to help everyone bring their own stories to life. “It’s just another form of self-expression and helps channel their creativity and imagination”.

Since this is a new activity, many at Daybreak were excited about the animation class. Everyone loves seeing their artwork and characters move on the screen and those we support are excited to learn how some of their favorite animated shows or films were made. Bismark mentioned that “This has been a great learning experience”. Through his animation, he has been able to teach individuals without formal art training on a new and evolving form of art. Along with teaching animation, Bismark encourages those we service to draw their own characters and not rely only on tracing or coloring sheets. “After working with the individuals for a while, I have learned that they are highly imaginative and can come up with unique stories and concepts”.

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