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The concept of independence is not limited to the nations alone. The true meaning of independence is to be free as an individual. To be able to take part in activities like every free individual on the planet. 

This is our mission. To make sure that every intellectually and developmentally disabled individual that becomes a part of our journey gets the support and opportunities he/she deserves. 

Why Did We Start? What Do You Need to Know? 

As a community facilitation unit, Daybreak Independent Services, started its mission with one goal. To help as many individuals living with autism and intellectual or developmental disabilities as possible through our core principles that have laid the foundation of our organization. Here’s a brief insight into some of our core principles,

  • Empowerment

The empowering section of our mission is a strong focus for our staff and the people we support. From the very first day on the job, all our staff members are briefed thoroughly on what empowerment means for us. As an organization, we believe in providing a productive atmosphere to the staff members. Daybreak staff are encouraged to be creative in the services they provide. 

In return, they show the same empowering attitude towards the people we support. No matter how challenging it may seem at the moment, staff rise to the occasion. Admiring and nourishing the amazing strength of the individuals we work with everyday.

  • Dedication

Rome wasn’t built in a single day. This is a phrase that most of us have heard in our lifetime countless times. But here at Daybreak, this phrase is practically driving the things around here. And with great consistency, we may add.

When you’re dealing with the same things we deal with in a day, you need dedication and consistency. No matter how small the progress is, Daybreak and its staff will always be there, cherishing it to the fullest.  A strategy that has helped us through some of our toughest days.

  • Empathy

Again, being empathetic is programmed within the staff and the foundation of Daybreak. There’s no way we can do this work without relating to the people we support. The key to making it all work in the end is to show empathy whenever there is a need.

From our years of experience in this domain, we can tell you that this is crucial. We have seen individuals who refused to communicate turn into someone full of personality and energy through the Daybreak community habilitation and correlated programs. It’s a amazing experience.

Community Habilitation for Better Awareness 

So far, the Community Habilitation program is one of our most demanded programs. It is the very foundation parameters of the program that make it a favorite for guardians and families of individuals in need of support. 

The program is thoroughly accredited under the OPWDD’s HCBS waiver. 

The Community Habilitation program is goals and tasks oriented. To evaluate how much an individual has progressed throughout the program; the tasks are set as an evaluation parameter. 

Assessing the Strength of Each Individual

The program starts with the evaluation of every single person we support. All of the evaluation is done under the supervision of a trained staff member. 

The assessment is necessary as it helps us to target special activities and pathways for each individual on a person centered approach.

The end goal of the program is ultimately to learn small and large skills that open doors of independence. We advise different paths for different individuals based on their needs and supports.

How does the Community Habilitation Program Work?

The program is thoroughly goal-oriented from the very start to the end. 

To meet the needs of various individuals we have created a program that operates Sunday to Saturday at various times.

Each individual is supported by a dedicated staff member who is focused on modeling life skills. We work in the home as well as in the community.

Providing Community Habilitation Services at Home 

The goal of Daybreak has always been to facilitate the needs of the people we support. Each person is different and requires different support. 

For such individuals, Daybreak Independent Services provides a Community Habilitation program with a blend of home-based services. This involves our staff members visiting individuals and their families at their homes with the target goals in mind. 

Why Should You Sign-up Your Loved Ones for Community Habilitation?

As parents and guardians, we understand that challenges will come from time to time. But that doesn’t mean that your loved ones should not be given all the opportunity and chances of improvement there are for them.

This is the core area targeted by the Daybreak Community Habilitation program. Our whole program allows the people we support to build independence interacting in the real world. 

Group Day Habilitation: Our approach to Opening the world for the people we support

We believe in the power of community. That’s true, but when utilized negatively, the community contains the power of degrading everything there is. But the only way to fight back the impact of a negative community is to empower yourself with a community/group that supports you.

This has been one of our core working models from the very first day. The Group Day  Habilitation program is known for building skills in a structured environment.

Enhanced Behavioral Patterns

The behavioral patterns are an important part of the evaluation criteria we assemble for each individual. When we talk about the support needs of the individuals we work with, the behavioral patterns help us create person centered plans.

For this, we have members in our staff that have got efficient and adequate training for behavioral analysis. The analysis is specifically kept as a priority when monitoring the patterns in the form of a group/community. It helps us get a better understanding of how to support each individual.

  • A Sense of Being Part of a Community

There is no better feeling than being a part of a community. We all know that man is a ‘social animal’. Countless research has been done on this topic over the years proving how important it is for us to be a part of a community and how it influences our personality/chances.

The Community and Group Day Habilitation is revolving around the same fact. We believe that being part of a community adds so much confidence to the whole personality of the individual. From what we have observed so far, this is exactly the case.

  • Broadening the Perspective

Albert Einstein once said, ‘Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life's coming attractions’. From what we have observed over the years, this quote from Einstein is nothing but pure truth and class. We have seen some of the greatest artistic minds in our program to date.

They are truly special in every possible manner. All that is needed to be done is to broaden their perspective. To show them that there is a world beyond what they can see. A world that is as vast as they can imagine with their eyes closed. 

Is the Daybreak Staff Competent Enough?

There are two kinds of standards set by the Daybreak recruiting committee for its staff. First, we evaluate our potential staff based on their expertise and what they can add to our team. 

After that, the selected staff members go through strict and efficient training. The main goal of this training is to help the staff members to follow the Daybreak ideology. What we believe impacts the support we are able to provide. 

Join Us Now!

We are so happy that you took the time to learn about our community habilitation program at Daybreak Independent Services. This shows your dedication towards our cause and how much you care for your loved ones with special needs. We would certainly love to interact with them any time soon. You can contact us via our intake department and we can arrange a tour for more details.

You can also donate to Daybreak Independent Services by clicking here!

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