PWC Steps Up

We at Daybreak Independent Services would like to thank PWC for their recent generous donation. During these unprecedented times we are faced with many new challenges. One of these new challenges was figuring out how to support the people we serve while keeping everyone safe. Enter telehealth and telecommunication support. We could support those families by engaging individuals daily. Keeping up the progress that we have made over the years.

With this new avenue came a new problem. The lack of technology and data service that faced many of the families we support. This is where PWC stepped in. They asked, "How can we help?" And help they did. PWC staff raised and donated funds to Daybreak for the purchase of Tablet devices with data for all the families that needed them.

This made such a big difference. The people we serve are able to see and interact with familiar staff as well as their peers everyday. This was a great help to the families caring for these individuals who rely on Daybreak Independent Services for support. We can not say how grateful we are to those at PWC for their generosity. Together we are touching lives.

We Understand. We Connect. We Commit.

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